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How to Start a Business in 2020 Best Strategies

How to Start a Business Even if You Don't Have Money

How to start a business in 2020; In the middle of the year 2007 I went to visit my only brother, he’s older than me by over a decade. He treated me like his child, little did I know that the good days of our relationship was about to end and his television was the reason for it. 

What happened was on the Wednesday afternoon after my brother had gone to work I was watching a TV show anchored by Funmi Iyada a Nigerian Talk Show Host where a guy was invited to talk about entrepreneurship.

I can’t remember anything special this guy talks about that got me crazy but I remember it was that day I decided I was going to build my own company or Die Trying to develop it.

I left my brother’s house without telling him about my a new found religion and I started preparing like crazy for the new world where nothing is guaranteed.

I read every book I can find about entrepreneurship. also determined that I was going to start a business immediately after I left school.

About a year after this day I finished the last exam for the diploma program I was doing in a Nigerian Polytechnic.

Since diplomas were never considered education in my country everyone expected that my next decision was going to be to go to university or do some Higher National Diploma, I instead announced to my family members that I’m not only going to say no to the classroom for ever but I also wouldn’t even collect the certificate for my degree.

My father should hate me because he had spent the money he didn’t have to make me study for a diploma certificate and my only brother should hate me because he has always dream that I would follow him.

Who doesn’t like his child to take after him?

That was in July of 2008 I had everything against me and almost nothing in my favour but I always remind myself about the reasons and the Covenant I’ve made to myself I didn’t know how I would do it but I knew that I would build my own company or Die Trying to do it

Ok enough of the boring Story

How can You Start a Business this Year?

Well the answer is straight forward,


If you’re disappointed by my answer let me give some explanations

Sometime last year I wanted to learn how to be a better writer so I started reading about how to be a better writer since I remember that Gary Halbert was a great writer I search the internet to see some of his opinions about how to be a great writer and I was lucky to find one of his newsletters we talked about becoming a better writer Halbert advice is rather too simple for what I thought I needed and he simply wrought

if you want to be a better writer write everyday

Nobody wants such advice we all want magical information that can help us do all kinds of stuff but the only way to be a master in any field is by doing.

Today I write about 7 hours every week and the more I write the better I become at writing

You see the only single way to start a business is to begin but but but I understand you have a long list of what oath to be right before you can start a business

Well, I hate to be a carrier of bad news but here is some.

the perfect time only come in your mind. You’re never going to get to that point when everything seems to be right to do anything that’s the reason why Nike said


If today anyone asks me how can anyone become a great entrepreneur the answer will be start a business.

While I recommend reading and learning a lot, I’ve seen people who read a lot about business but don’t know much about entrepreneurship simply because they do nothing about what they read.

Think about driving, you might buy 10 books about how to drive and read all of them, do you think you’ll know how to drive after reading those books?

Yes, the books may help you to understand some traffic laws and some technicalities of driving but again you will never be able to drive a car until you drive a car, make mistakes, and fail.

How can anyone succeed in business?

Well, start a business

The real obstacle to Start a business

I’ve heard so many people complaining about all sorts of things.

Sometimes, that the reason why they can’t start a business is that they don’t have money to start, some believe that the economy is not favorable, some erroneously believe that all opportunities are taken and none of these are an obstacle

The real obstacle is fear…

Fear, that’s what stops people.

  • The fear of failure
  • Fear of what might happen
  • Fear of what people would say

But fear is like envy or jealousy

We don’t like to confess it because our Society frond against the confession of Fear

Think about jealousy or envy for instance. If anyone is jealous of you the person will never say that

Instead he will reveal that jealousy with some anger by looking for what you say or do to cover up their jealousy.

The reason why people use anger to cover up jealousy is that anger is socially acceptable but jealousy isn’t

The society accepts that it’s fine to be angry with people but we don’t take that it’s nice to be envious of them and that’s why people use anger to cover envy. The same thing with fear we feel it and know it but we don’t confess it because our Society doesn’t accept it as usual

Instead of acknowledging our concerns we look for excuses to cover the Mark.

He who covers his sin shall not prosper is what the Bible says and he who covers his fear shall not succeed is what I mean.

You must be honest with yourself if you genuinely want to see seed as an entrepreneur and that honesty start by confessing that your fear is a reason why you don’t pursue your dreams.

If you confess your sin you can overcome them and if you cannot let your fear you can face your fear

So, how do you overcome the fear of failure which keeps people from starting a business

The answer again is too simple to be taken seriously


The only way to overcome the fear of cold water when you’re in the bathroom is by going under the shower and let the water come over you.

The only way to overcome warfare is to be in the middle of the battle when you get to the middle of the fight the fear of death will disappear and the thoughts of Victory will dominate your mind

Most people don’t ever cross the Thin Line that’s between dream and its achievement. That stuff is the first step you have to be courageous enough to take the first step then another step and then another step

Don’t look far into the future

Another reason why most people won’t ever start their own business is that they’re trying to look at a thousand miles away.

Starting a business is like driving at night, you can only see a few feet away yet you have to keep on driving believing that all the dots will connect somehow as you move.

Sometimes we meet some roadblocks and that’s fine because we have the power to move on after some Falls.

The best way to learn how to drive a car is to drive a car

The best way to become a successful writer is to write

The best way to start a business this year that will succeed in the future is to start a business

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